Logo Ugo Aniukwu

I work with web technologies.

In various professional roles, I have:

  • worked with teams to design, build, and deploy new products and services,
  • guided teams to adopt new tools and processes, to better understand and adapt to technological disruptions in their industries,
  • designed, implemented, and maintained digital infrastructure for physical retail, including wired, wireless, and virtual LANs, modern Point of Sale systems, and information security policies.
In other words, I help small teams deal with big changes.

I enjoy mentoring new coders who are trying to

nvm install
npm init
, and
npm run
the things they want to build. My heart is warmed by smiles that sometimes radiate from the faces of learners as they see
fill their shells with success messages.

When I am not spending time with my family or coding, I like to cut and sew ankara fabrics, experiment with growing vegetables indoors, and admire the beautiful game. Some of the sweetest sounds I will ever hear come from crowds swaying in unison, crooning YNWA.